Another Big Fish Story

Fishing on the Alabama Gulf CoastFishing on the Alabama Gulf Coast can be fun at any time of year as long as you know what you’re doing! Even as an experienced fisherman I can say every fishing trip is a learning experience…but who says learning can’t be fun!!! The Alabama Gulf Coast is fast becoming one of the most sought after areas to saltwater fish due to its large charter fishing fleets (Gulf Shores Marina, Zeke’s Marina, Sanroc Cay Marina, Etc.), incredible participation of local and governmental agencies that help encourage fish population growth, and the quick and easy access to great inshore and offshore fishing spots.

A lot of what you want to know can be found online on the many different informational websites, but how do you know what is good info and what is just non-sense? A great start to learning about what, when, and where to fish can be found on the Alabama Department of Conservation and Wildlife website; they even have a downloadable app for iPhone users. This site will allow you to buy a fishing license, identify fish species, open/closed fishing seasons, length requirements, give coordinates for public fishing reefs, and much more. It is a great start if you’re planning on bring your boat on a fishing vacation and striking out on your own, though a charter and fishing guide is always a good decision for those unfamiliar with our coastal waters and weather.

Another great site for those more avid and knowledgable folks look to improve your fishing experience is This site gives tide and solunar tables for fishing in any area, but you can specify where you are targeting for the ultimate fishing experience. This site helps break it down in easy to understand terms and tables, keeping you from trying to keep up with all the confusing fishing and solar data and cycles.

Next, check out the NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) Marine Forecast website for the northern Gulf Coast. This will give inshore and offshore wave height and weather forecast for specific areas which is extremely helpful to remain safe while on the water fishing or boating; I depend on this every time I plan a trip…SAFETY FIRST!

Last, but not least… WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO STAY while on that fishing vacation or getaway??? Reed Real Estate offers many Bay front, Lagoon Front, and Gulf Front homes, some of which have fishing piers or boat docks to keep your boat or you can just fish right from the dock from while relaxing in the sun. Our Bay front and Lagoon front homes are a great beginning to any fisherman or fisherwoman’s dream vacation, each with their own amazing views and differences that are perfect for any group. Give us a call at 1-800-678-2306 or visit our website at to get started today and let us know how your fishing experience went…we all love a good fishing story!